Ukusa: Visual Environmental Data

Ukusa is an initiative that aims to make important environmental data more accessible, more understandable and digitally mapped.

We aim to answer the questions like:

  • Which activities are planned, which may affect the air quality in the area where I live?
  • Which companies are abstracting water along this stretch of the river?
  • How do we best plan for the deployment of new renewable energy projects locally?

Ukusa is an exploratory venture, and a collaboration between World-wize and OpenUp.

Current Projects

Water license applications on Water Wazi (2022)

As a first project we are attempting to map water use license applications for an existing project called Water Wazi. You can view the resulting map here. Open the point mapper and enable the water use license application item on the left to plot the points.

Please contact carl{at}openup[dot]org(dot)za or raoul{at}world-wize[dot]com for more info.

Photo by Abhay Singh on Unsplash.